About Us

Metromath Learning Centres provide affordable, comprehensive educational services to students from grades 1-12. Using a proven Accelerated Learning Program, Metromath applies various teaching strategies to accentuate each student’s individualized learning approach.

The Metromath Promise

+ Our comfortable, well-equipped facilities are designed for optimal learning enhancement.
+ Guided, individualized, self-learning practices are the foundation of Metromath’s Accelerated Learning Program.
+ Low student-to-teacher ratios to ensure student’s have ample access to instructors over the course of their session.
+ Our referral program provides an opportunity and incentive to have your friends join us at Metromath!
+ Metromath creates positive learning environments which are supportive, safe, and challenging.


Metromath was founded in 1995 by Dr. A.K. Madan with the goal of providing affordable, comprehensive educational services to students of any age or ability. After three extremely rewarding years Dr. Madan decided to pursue various other business ventures, always with the inclination that he would eventually re-open Metromath when the time was right.

In March of 2018, the first Metromath Learning Centre  open at 3195 Sheppard Ave. East, Unit 102.


Dr. A.K. Madan has attended institutions of higher learning in India, Europe, and Canada where he completed his doctoral research titled ‘Demographic Modeling of Household Cycles: Analytical and Computer Simulation Approaches’. His diverse background in academia spans a wide range of disciplines as he has contributed research of national and international statistical, demographic, sociological, and psychological data to conferences across Canada, India, Europe, and the United States.

Dr. Madan has lectured to students with diverse backgrounds, including medicine, nursing, engineering, sociology, and commerce at both college and university levels. He has also consulted for Canadian and International financing institutions in the field of management sciences, management information systems and operations. His patience and ability to explain mathematics from a conceptual standpoint has proven to accelerate the learning process.

Dr. Madan’s extensive experience in teaching, business, research and development, business implementation of new methods and processes, training and academic research at the university, small business and corporate levels, has culminated in the establishment of Metromath Learning Centres.

Our Method

Metromath Learning Centres provide affordable, comprehensive educational services which transcend age and ability. Our Accelerated Learning Program — a curriculum structure based on individualized instruction and worksheets, a positive learning environment, and low student-to-teacher ratios, nurtures and emphasizes performance enhancement, independence, critical thinking skills, comprehension, and an improved appreciation for learning.

The Accelerated Learning Program has been developed in collaboration with educators from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education to ensure Metromath applies innovative teaching practices across all grade levels, and establishes learning patterns that extend beyond the classroom.